Digital Transformation of Sports Clubs

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There is no doubt that technology has already transformed and will keep on transforming businesses in every potential market, changing both customer experience as well as internal organizational processes and functions. Technology penetration has taken a huge part in the consumer’s life. It is essential as it helps to complete processes in a much faster and easier way, processes that were previously time-consuming or even dysfunctional.

However, this is not the case with sports organizations, whether they are professional teams, amateur clubs, or even academies. In this article, we list the main points that sports organizations must take into consideration in order to carry out the so-called Digital Transformation.

Expand the media in which you share your content

Your “customers” are now everywhere and it is extremely important to communicate with them through their preferable channels and the ones they actually feel comfortable with. These can be your website, newsletters, live streaming platforms, social media, messaging platforms, or even a specialized application, like MyTeam. It is extremely significant that your content is appropriately modified for each media.

Digitize sponsorship actions nowadays, common sponsorships do not have the same effect as they used to. It is important that all your actions bring measurable results to the sponsors. To a great extent, this can be achieved through the digitization of sponsorships, such as sending sponsorship newsletters to your audience, sharing discount codes through social media, or viewing the insights of a live streaming event in order to find out the number of people who watched it and therefore saw the related ads.

Digitize your work at a cultural level

Incorporate tools that will make the daily life of your organization much easier. The way to digital transformation does not only require digital skills but also continuous training of its members in order to develop other relevant skills. This will help your team visualize the solution to any possible problem through a “digital perspective”. For instance, getting athletes to update their own training attendance through an app, will provide coaches the right information in order for them to better prepare for a workout.

Digitize your processes

The sports clubs digital transformation requires monitoring of the traditional work processes and their re-alignment with the digital type of governance and operation of the organization. The above are necessary for the digital skills that the organization is trying to develop in order to create value for all its community members. A relevant example is the balance subscription updating which coaches have to manage, often finding themselves in this awkward position. Through a digital information system like MyTeam, this process can be done much faster and way more efficiently.

All of the above are just a few examples of some daily sports clubs’ processes that can be improved and eventually lead to digital transformation To achieve this, though, it is important not to rush and do it gradually, making slow and steady steps. The embrace of digital transformation should be done in stages, as this will help both employees and other stakeholders (athletes, parents, suppliers, etc.) to cope with change. Our suggestion is to start with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Through taking small steps, you will prove to those involved the value of this particular procedure. Try adding some more steps to finally reach the ultimate goal of your sports club’s digital transformation and digitization to the greatest possible extent.

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Digital Transformation of Sports Clubs

There is no doubt that technology has already transformed and will keep on transforming businesses in every potential market, changing both customer experience as well